Hammerwych EP


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2014 single by SYMBEL. 18 minutes of music. Download includes bonus track with choral arrangement of 'Folded Cross', with downloadable PDF score with the voice parts for male choir.


released 19 July 2014



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Track Name: Folded Cross

Surge Domine et dissepentur inimici tu et fugiant qui oderunt te a facie tua...

This is a tale that starts upon a hill in Hammerwych
in the folded dales of Saxon Mercia
passed by on countless days
so many never knew that place
was once where armies rode before a conqueror
from legions shadows rose the spectre of a heathen king
dark as dragons blood and deep as ocean floor
feared by all the kings who’d sold themselves to cross and gold
he the last of them would hold against them all

I am the overlord the hated king
I am the overlord the Mercian king

And around him were the armies of the new wave
with the blessing of the rich and rising church
their golden banners shields and swords
they shone with righteousness
as they marched upon the lands of Mercia
But on that day it seems that near this hill in Hammerwych
a legion lost its fight to crush the pagan king
and from their shields were torn
their gold and precious jewel inlays
and tossed into the earth
a bent and folded cross
Track Name: Surrounded By Orcs
Surrounded by orcs with hateful tongues
their speech songs are horrid
their faces are worse
surrounded by orcs
you cannot escape
hemmed in by orcs encroaching each day
you weep for your childhood
so pure and afar
surrounded by orcs
the light fades away!

In dreams you would call for a white elvish blade
to drive home your vengeance
the heart of your hate
you’d burn every bridge
so there’d be no escape
creatures with masters hate those that are free
those without worth seek the basest decree
Give them no quarter
keep them away!

Surrounded by orcs
the light fades

Shara-ishi uruk lab ghash dumpuga
shakhburz uruk lab ghash dumpuga
thrak ufum uruk lab ghash dumpuga
mokum-ishi uruk lab ghash dumpuga gar!