Heathen Drinking Metal Demo 2001


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Recorded on a four track tape recorder in 2001, and given a small DIY release that year. Rereleased on King Penda Productions in 2003. In 2004 selected tracks were pressed onto a limited vinyl 10' EP and released by Midhir Records @ www.midhirrecords.com


released December 31, 2001


all rights reserved



SYMBEL Birmingham, UK

Formed in 2001 to release pagan crust black metal. Currently recording fourth album to be released in 2019!

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Track Name: Wet English Forests
Swarming heat makes clouds in frost
Our breath triumphs in the wooden wombs
Clasping at the men locked in combat
Fodder for the gods' intent.

The grey clouds shine the time is now
Hit me with your finest swing of hungover welded steel
I taste the bitter souring
mead soaring through the wet ages.

Make your blades, trudge the marshes
This is the key to the journey through ages
Not is the magic of candle and spite
This is the magic of action and might!
Track Name: Heathen We Are
I feel through the ancient sunsets
I feel through the wind and the trees
I once had a girl and the hillsides
and a fighting family
I loved my family
and my sword.

I think of whoring 'til sunrise
I think of the day I will die
I know my path is destined
I trudge it with a smile
I laugh with the beautiful children
I cry with the wrinkled hag
I cry...

Heathen yes we are
Heathen yes I will
accept what we are
Heathen through our death

I don't need your salvation
This god is not for me
I once had the girl and the hillsides and a fighting family
take it as read despite what you said
I have no need for change
I cry...

Heathen yes we are
Heathen yes I will
Accept what we are
Heathen through our deaths

This is my way - there's no contest
I hail all the gods of the wind and the rain
Of pleasure and pain and more
I climb to the top of the hillside
My beautiful girl by my side
I swing my sword at the sky
And we cry

Heathen yes we are
Heathen yes we will
Accept what we are
Heathen through our deaths!
Track Name: We Call the Spirits of the Icy Fens
Heathens, heathens!
Track Name: Heed the Call of the Aenglisc Gods
Screech the ghouls of deepest wynter
The wolves howl as I prowl the perimetre
Cursed with negative maegen wounds
We search our servile souls.

Tears rain like blood from Thunor's sky
(leave) grief bleached bones behind.

Here the stars are many.....

Smash through wooden shield like snow
Our swords will cut with Woden's words
Weep and ask your god for help
Upon your virgin lips.

Tears rain like blood from Thunor's sky
(leave) grief bleached bones behind.

Woden... Thunor.... Tiu..... Freo

Heed the call of the Aenglisc gods
Heed the call of...
the screech of deepest wynter ( repeat)
Track Name: Saecsen Drynking Lament
This is a story of what we often call warriors
Where I've gone now I have died
Is a Hall in the sky
That lies
Across a shimmering rainbow bridge
I see my brothers here
Drinking in the hall
I see my mother's tears
Lakes of glass before
I see my people living
Back through the before
They know that I am here
Toasting (death) them
At the gates Waelhall

Men and women the folk
Live your lives with honour
Keep the fires alight on the hills
Remember the only thing you ( really )
Have to do
Is cross that rainbow bridge

Some folk have heaven that is their path
Some folk have nothing
That is their loss
Let each man or woman
Have his or her own fate
But I'll...
I'll take the shimmering rainbow bridge.
Track Name: Hael the Sons of Woden, and Daughters of Freo-Friche
My name is not important 'though I think you might have heard
I taste the beer of mortals and I drink with them indoors
The pacts and talk of men who drink beneath the Heron's gaze
Feed me with their maegen and their otherworldly glaze

And men say 'Hey you, give me some more mead!'
And bang the tables in the Drinking Hall.
Ale is drunk in joyous songs the Sons of Woden meet
At tables they sit spinning, quaffing ale and meat
Tales of metal, rock and stone, of times of then and now
They realise their journeys have led to common paths

Hael the Sons of Woden
and Daughers of Freo Friche
we understand the needs
of the common folk!!

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