A libertarian rant about the right to one's own destiny.


Alone the leaves against me silence my tongue
with each day I come here one day longer I walk

The silence is deafening
all rage so far aside
clouds ride free above me
on the bracken hillside

To drink myself to death
and to sink in the forest floor
or let upon the bracken
oh red and green
what solace will it bring?

The silence is deafening
and calmed I am inside
for when I cast no shadow
on the bracken hillside

The truthful have no choices
the power it steals away
best that the tongue stays mute
I spoke to no one
and no one spoke to me

And thousands asked before me
and thousands will again
when swords have spared the journey
how will it end?

The sky is kind and warming
the flies they will not say
a vessel unseen by the wind
steers its own way


from Gyddigg - Possessed By The Fury of Wod, released October 18, 2013



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SYMBEL Birmingham, UK

Formed in 2001 to release pagan crust black metal. Currently recording fourth album to be released in 2016.

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