Sheep Devour People

from by SYMBEL



The enclosure acts of England began in the 12th Century and culminated in the almost complete dispossession of common land by the 18th. The peasantry were forced into industrial servitude...a model which the English ruling class first tested on its own people, and then exported across the world.


Once I lived with my land
and tilled the earth with my hands
the sun bore down on my bare back
the rain it ran down my face
the law as clear as the skies
the days went by as the bird flies
through primogeniture I
can till this piece of green
and only I can afford it
my life was one with pride
I walked around armed to the teeth!
my life was in my own hands

Who has the land we had?

The kingdom drew its lines
that no one else could see
the lines of the earth ignored them
but beaten and cheated by
traitors and money thieves
the lines of the earth moved for them
they took us into darkness
and chained us to machines
that bit and tore at our misery
so when you hear of slaves
you saw it here first
in English woollen slum dwellery

Who has the land we had?

We look back at the green
and the sheep have devoured the people

The scorched earth
precursor of doom
enclosing with time

We're left with the tale of how
sheep devoured people.


from Gyddigg - Possessed By The Fury of Wod, released October 18, 2013



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SYMBEL Birmingham, UK

Formed in 2001 to release pagan crust black metal. Currently recording fourth album to be released in 2016.

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